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Cum am câștigat 300.000 Euro – Vlog imobiliar

Posted by Daniel on 2 apr. 2019

How I Won 300,000 Euro – Real Estates Vlog

Hello , i’m Daniel Nelu…

And this is the begging of some episodes i’ll be filming for my blog.

I’m going to speak honestly about myself, And i’ll be giving you some relevant informations about myself.

I’ll be talking about , what experiences have i been through the good and the bad ones , and the route i chose to walk into this life.

There are many interesting things , either i won’t be filming this blog to talk about myself…

i don’t usually to someone talking about his\her life story only if this story was really interesting.

And based on this fact , i don’t want you to get all bored, that’s why i’ll be starting with really interesting stuff.

You know , how some people would go on a television show , and someone asks them to introduce themselves shortly in 30 seconds , this is what i’ll be doing.

I’m from Bucharest and i’ve been raised also in Bucharest, I’ve finished highschool and i graduated from university in bucharest and i also finished my master in here.

Actually , I’m not a typical bucharestian , because i like to adjust at any kind of people’s typology.

I like to be impatic and flexible and i’m also very understanding with people.

That’s why ,i don’t consider the fact if you are from a certain city , it means that you are definitely good or vividly bad.

Of course not , In each city both kinds exist.

I studied at the Politehnic university in Bucharest and i finished my master in ACE (Academy of Economic Studies) but business was always the thing i loved to do.

I consider myself born as a businessman , because first of all a program from 9 till 5 isn not suitable for me not only as a program but also, as dynamics.

I don’t like to deal with limits , it’s because i know for sure if i work from 9 till 5 i’ll be earning money during the time i worked.

But if i work pass 5 , i would earn more money and especially if i was a professional in the domain.

In real estate things are very clear , if you work hard and focused , you earn really good money

Actually , i’m on my way now to my new office which i just opened with my new associates

I want to reveal about that if you work in real estate correctly , it brings you many esteems from the customers , because an real estate agent who is also professional , can exempt you from many headaches and expenditures that would make you save much more money in your pocket. And he will help you find you the exact properties you were wishing about ,

Or you might sell your property with conditions of really good prices in the function of the markets time , obviously .

I’ll be filming relative episodes shortly that will be about 5-6 minutes.

Again , because i don’t want you to get all bored.

If you want to be watching what i’ll be posting , subscribe and share…

Because , you’ll be able to find out new informations in new episodes.

I am going to tell you… the story of how i used to be a prince and ended up being vagrant (beggar),

From an excellent financial situation for many people in this city , to a situation where i couldn’t afford money to refill my car.

And i really nice person , who you’ll find about soon used to help me , with some money to refill my car so i can arrive at my work.

It is a very interesting story and you will understand , that people who face problems they’ll surely get stronger and tougher.

We’ll pass to the next episode,

Where i’ll be telling you how i started my business in 2004-2005,

And how i earned 300 000 euro in the 1st year.

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Daniel Nelu


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