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Cum am Vândut Bilete la Teatru – Vlog imobiliar

Posted by Daniel on 20 mart. 2019

How I Sold Tickets to the Theater – Real Estates Vlog

I finished college and even while i was still studying at college, i’ve made a business which was about selling some theatre tickets. And i was doing a newsletter which i used to send it to the top managers in bucharest.

At that time, websites which sell tickets for any kind of events, did not exist. Every theatre had its own office, where they used to sell tickets, tickets in management. I went to their office, i explained my situation that i’m a student and i want a job where i can earn some money,  I would like to work with you and sell some of your theatre tickets.

I choose the comedy theatre, because it seemed pretty much interesting. I used to be very passionate about theatre since my childhood. My family had a weekly membership at the theatres and cinemas.

Anyway, I started gaining their trust, then they started giving me some tickets to sell. Obviously i gave them my id and they identified it,They made me write an statement i guess it was about responsibility. And i started receiving tickets from their agent, it started with 5 tickets at the beginning and then they started giving me more and more. I  used to go with big posters, theatre posters that represented the play. In this occasion, they gave an free access for all kinds of plays in the theatre, so i would understand the story of every play that i’ll be presenting by the posters that i used to make.Actually, this was a big advantage for me.

Since i was only a student with no money this job was actually a big chance for me. I used to present the plays in mall vitan actually, i used to go from store to store. I liked the interactions i used to have with people. I adore selling i love negotiations,i only find myself doing this kind of business where i could always offer people great products, offers and good services.

Back to the story of me working at theatres, i started getting really good at this job, it went far actually, till i started having 2-3 lines in every important theatre in Bucharest.

It all began with the comedian theatre then with the theatre in Magheru afterwards the small theatre, and finally to the National Theatre in Bucharest. People in business saw how serious i was with my work and how good i was and they started suggesting me for the people who work in this domain.

Anyway, everything was based on this newsletter, that i used to send to the top managers in Bucharest as i mentioned before, and they were people who were able to buy theatre tickets, they used to pay me extra 5 lei something like that, because i used to go to their offices by metro obviously by that time i had no car.

One of the people who i sold him theatre tickets, was “Radu Octavian”, he was one of the most important businessmen in Romania.

He started telling me about his platform called “Diverta online” and he asked me if i wanted to work with him, He liked what i was doing so he came up with the idea about opening a new section of buying theatre tickets.

After 1 year, working in this kind of platform which was very bushy because it had different kinds of stuff, such as selling books, multimedia, cds .. etc

The section was being developed but not enough

Eventually this project, costed a lot that we couldn’t afford the budget for the section of “theatre tickets”

I’ll end this episode right here and i’ll start a new one about bankruptcy.

See you guys.


Daniel Nelu


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