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Revolutie imobiliara in Romania – Vlog imobiliar

Posted by Daniel on 16 apr. 2019

Real Estate Revolution in Romania – Real Estates Vlog

Hey ! Today , i’ll be talking shortly about the “real estate revolution” that at this very moment is getting prepared and especially on social media.

The revolution from what i heard starts , on Thursday 14 march 2019.

You will find enough informations on facebook , basically on the internet.

I’ll write you down a link , where you can easily read more about this event.

This event “the revolution” this is how i call it … is connected to the hugest real estate platform in Romania,

There are many agents who are unthankful of their job working in real estate,

I assume it’s because , they work as independent agents or it may be because they are part of a Franchise or a huge agency.

They are all unthankful, because of the high prices , steady growth of the rates for the platform service…

Obviously , those services become expensive from time to time,

Where there’s no other possibility in the market , at least another right possibility that could lead us closer with the same conditions , dimensions and size , let’s also add “coverage”

This is one of the cases which is obviously clear that turned into a monopoly market

Classic !

This situation,

Let’s make a comparison … i usually use this method.

Imagine … how would it be like if we didn’t have other choices besides the “booking.com” ?

Actually , i’ve just made a reservation maybe that’s why i came up with this example.

Booking.com , could have easily made up their own prices for the ones who don’t mind the prices they come up with.

It won’t be an issue , as long as they work with the people who don’t mind.

Lucky us ! that there are , always other alternatives even for this site , because of the technology evolution and thanks for the IT workers and the genius investors , who came up with all those many choices we have now.

The same thing is going to happen in our situation.

Usually where there is no competition , we end up in this recent situation

This is my quote and i keep saying it to the agents who i collaborate with.

But , someone must come up with something to start a revolution.

Another example , Uber and Taxify …

What if Taxify haven’t existed ? maybe even uber wouldn’t have come with all those great offers.

I see an uber and a bicyclist from “Glowver” passes beside ,

Can you imagine how many different types of services exist? and at the same time you always have other choices !

What we actually need , is a powerful competitor for the real estate platform ,

So that it wouldn’t profit \ win from its dominant position and to curse this platform and any other platforms as well.

And to beg us to make better offers,

So it would be our own decision to make , and with our own money to work whether with plan A , B or even C.

I’m sure you all understood my point , i’ll give you another example

“Cell phones”

When Conex was invented , at the period where cell phones were getting invented

It was our only choice to use as a cell phone in romania.

But actually no, it wasn’t .

Before this period , i think it existed NMT… i don’t really remember its name exactly …

Anyway they were those telephones that were a size of a brick,

And the sim cards were not invented yet,

It was a different technology ,

And we used to pay an membership of a 1000 dollars in that period,

I hope i’m remembering correctly …

And on the other hand , we used to pay exclusively when we get phone calls.

Classic cases of revolution …

And now let’s talk about “wired telephones”

When i was a child , i used to talk with my friends on a wired telephone at home,

And we used to receive unbelievable bills because of those calls.

The memberships were really expensive and also dialling calls by an cellphone was pretty much expensive,

And now we are in a place recently after all these many good years of competitions , where it led us to receive a free line or with a an membership with few Leis,

And low charges .

The only thing i can say for the markets of real estate” all we need is competition “!

If we don’t have an powerful competitor …

For any kind of a dominant platform,

We will remain in the same situation even after ten years.

I like to use any situation even if it was an unlikely one , i like to transform it to an opportunity..

I think it is the time\moment , to discuss this subject with people , who are interested to enter to the market and obviously they are not from romania , they have potentials …

Maybe we get the chance to change this market together,

I’m going to say this one more time ,

People who don’t unite are not powerful people !

Let us all unite together…

All the agents from real estate , to tell each other what’s hurting us , what’s bothering us and what results are we exactly expecting from the real estate market

Where we all get the chance to be active .

My name is Daniel Nelu,

Please follow my blog , because i’ll be sharing with you a lot of informations as much as i can to bring relevant information and interesting ones as well.

Only for the customers , who want to buy or rent and for the ones who want to make investigations.

Smaller or bigger , about the markets in romania

Maybe soon , you’ll realize some episodes that will be in english …

For foreign expats and foreign investigators,

You’ll get to know really interesting stuff.

Someone is calling me ,see you guys ,

Bye .


Daniel Nelu


WEBSITE: www.AnsambluriBlocuri.ro
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/AnsambluriBlocuri.ro
INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/AnsambluriBlocuri.ro
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