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Why to invest in North Cyprus

Posted by Daniel on 8 nov. 2019

Why INVEST in North Cyprus?

This Corner of Heaven, with a British touch, benefit of the perfect weather and also of the landscape and location.
The Geo Location of North Cyprus, is a big advantage for many investors from all over the World:

  • 4:30 h from London
  • 1:00 h from Tel-Aviv
  • 1:30 h from Istanbul
  • 3:24 h from Moscow
  • 3:25 h from Dubai
  • 4:30 h from Oslo
  • 2:00 h from Bucharest

Some of them are buying as an investment, others as a second home or vacation home.
A very important advantage for both categories of buyers, represents the weather, that allows them to live permanent by the sea or to rent for tourists almost all the year, with a good income or high YIELD.

For the investment option, even that you are located thousands km away, several local and international Property Management Companies are operating in North Cyprus, and offers full services for your property: advertisement, rental, transfer, housekeeping / cleaning, repairs, etc.
The area is very secure, and for buyers and tourists is a key point, when they choose North Cyprus, for investment or travel.

Main Attractions in North Cyprus?

The Tourism in North Cyprus, is growing each year, advantage for many investors all over the World:

Direct Advantages in North Cyprus:

  • 320 Sunny Days each Year where in November the water is warm and you may swim
  • Low prices – starting from £35.000 (GBP)
  • Fast investment return – 9 – 10% YIELD
  • Free Visa for all Eastern European countries
  • Beautiful Beaches and Landmarks
  • Growing economyNorth Cyprus has a fast growing economy, and is providing a wide range of investment opportunities
  • Safe place to invest – top 3 lowest crime rate in Europe
  • 10 years income tax free for investments in the Tourism sector
  • Increasing  Tourism, partly due to the increase in 5 star hotels and casinos and extension of the national airport, Ercan, but also many travelers use Larnaca International Airport
  • Political Security – there is a strong willingness on both sides of the island, for a reunification, which will boost property prices in North Cyprus and will open many business opportunities
  • Attractive GOVERNMENT  INVESTMENT  OPTIONS provide interesting projects like “Bafra Tourism Investment Area
  • Guaranteed rental income– over 60.000 young people from more than 100 countries study at its international universities, making education the leading sector of its economy

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